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Weaving Winning Websites.

My offer is simple...

It feels like 3 freelancers in one.

Hen³ provides expert proficiency in design, words and code — making him the ultimate choice for your next website.

...the perfect blend of Design, Words
& Code.

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Creativity Cubed.

Good things come in threes.

Say goodbye to time-consuming, stressful and expensive freelancer-juggling. Say hello to Hen³.

I create flawless websites, designs, stories, mockups & animations, using world-class programmes and robust, elegant code. I agonise over the details so that you don't have to, offering consulting services during the design phase and beyond. In short, I am a multidisciplinary front-end developer, painting stories with code.


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Henry's work is bloody incredible.

Please don't hire him. I want to keep him to myself, forever.

Ali Abdaal

YouTuber, Podcaster, Entrepreneur

HenOS has arrived.

UltraCreative™ Display.
Superfast H3 Chip.
All-day Battery.

It's Beauty and the Beast.

Ok, fiiine.
Everything below is true, though.
Promise. 😈

Gorgeous Animations.

Whether you're looking for sleek + subtle interactions which improve the UX, or more complex showstoppers — I can build and ship them all.

load times.


Responsive Design.

Neat and optimised designs, using industry-standard box theory and scaleable units.





Capable, diligent,

Toolstack fanatic,
to stay systematic.

Clean, crispy code.

Copy Code


Go on... keyboard smash my code ...you know you want to 🙃

Hen, why do you use Webflow?

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Meet me!

Hen, tell us about yourself!

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Ancient Greeks
to Code Techniques.

August 1997
Born in London, England.
Apparently I enter the world blue.
August 2013
Finish GCSEs (12 A*s)
Prepare for a summer of Runescape.
August 2015
Finish A-Levels (A* A* A)
Prepare for a summer of Motherload.
October 2015
Begin studying at Oxford University.
Realise that design is cool. Really cool.
June 2017
Work with two weirdly wonderful companies.
Rolls-Royce & Condé Nast.
July 2018
Walk out of final exam.
Decide to full send a startup with £500.
January 2022
Rejected from Entrepreneur First.
Biggest learning experience of my life.
April 2022
Begin self-learning code.
Challenge myself to build a site in 3 months.
Doing my best to create beauty and utility.
Grateful for the adventures so far.
Eager to create free, opensource content.
For the community who constantly helps me.


Explore some
Project Highlights.

Something for everyone. Promise.


Project Manager



UI/UX Designer






Project Manager



UI/UX Designer





Cut through the noise from day 1.

Ameliorate your latest project, fast.

Monetise your passion in a way your audience will connect with.

Take the edge over competitors in your sphere.

Showcase your work in the most interactive way possible.

Discounts for non-profits. Always.

Go beyond the static, 2D portfolio.

Find the front-end to your back-end <3.

Sometimes it's just fun to have your own corner of the internet.


Tailored Workflow.

Phase I

The Project Request

The first step of a Hen³ collaboration is the project request. The information that you provide really helps me to understand whether I am the right person for your creative vision. If I believe that my skillset is certain to do the project justice, I will arrange a video call to meet you (and/or your team). I strive to get back to every project request within 48 hours.


Phase II

The Preliminary Meeting

The main aim of this initial video call is to establish trust and understanding on both sides. We will discuss precise goals, timeframes & requirements, clarify any questions and plot out a clear and actionable plan going forwards. My favourite part of these calls is meeting people passionate about their project, with grand ideas for manifesting it online!


Phase III

The Proposal³

Once I have a clear and comprehensive overview of your project, I will create an individual proposal for you. I charge for my work on a per project basis, rather than by the hour. This keeps everything super transparent, as you have a full overview of the costs.


Phase IV

The Construction Cycle

If both parties are content with the proposal, I start my Lofi playlist and get to work! I usually begin with some rough sketches (sometimes nothing beats pencil + paper), number-crunching, code-testing & style mockups. I like to line up my ducks, so to speak. Then, I get to work building - with regular updates and options for you to pick from. Clear, responsive communication is at the heart of everything I do.


Phase V

The Final Handover

Before launching a client project, I like to demonstrate its quality and potency by putting it through its paces. For a website, this might involve proving effective load-speeds on different devices. For a graphic design, this might involve proving crisp quality even at 200% zoom. I only send finished projects via channels which either do not compress at all, or utilise lossless compression (eg: WeTransfer), ensuring the quality always remains perfect.



Asked Questions.

What specific services do you offer?

I specialise in the development of premium websites using custom code integrations to add interactivity for the user. I also offer design mockup, branding kit, 3D-model animation & copywriting services (these may be within website builds themselves, or as independent projects). Specialist creative consulting is included in every project, however big or small.

How much does a project cost?

Naturally, project costs vary depending on size, timescale & complexity. My current minimum engagement fee is £3000 ($3400), with the majority of projects ranging between £4500-£8000 ($5000-$9000). For other independent creative services, I charge £250/£450 ($280/$500) per half/full day.

What toolstack do you use?

I primarily use Webflow for all Web Dev projects, given its industry-leading strengths in code customisation, SEO, hosting, security & design autonomy. Many projects also benefit from the Adobe Suite, as well as Blender and Cinema 4D. Ultimately, nothing beats pencil and paper at the start of the design phase!

Do you work internationally?

Yes! I'm a British-German-Italian born in London, who is about to spend a few months in Toronto, Canada. I have clients from all over and am very flexible with time zone communications.

How long does a project take?

Projects, understandably, vary in length - but the majority of my past work has taken between 2 weeks and 2 months.

How does the payment work?

I follow the industry standard of 50% upfront and 50% after a successful handover and launch. For international payments, I recommend using Wise, but I am broadly flexible.

What's your favourite part?

I most enjoy telling exciting stories about brands, people & ideas, through a combination of engaging copy and thoughtful design. I also get to work with some really cool people and help them beep boop their passions onto the internet.

Project Request

Thanks so much for showing an interest in my work. This form helps me to quickly understand what your project is about, the scope of the task(s), whilst also clarifying any important questions in advance. Please be as detailed and precise as possible - it's very much appreciated. I will get back to you within 48 hours.

Not a fan of forms? hi@hen-ry.com

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