Henry Ludlam-Steinke

I am a multidisciplinary front-end developer, who loves forging the line between the creative and the cerebral.
I try my best to create compelling narratives and intuitive experiences that are as beautiful as they are functional.
Obsessed with anything pertaining to design, words & code.

Most recent project

Ali Abdaal —
Part-Time YouTuber Academy

Full front-end development of the new PTYA landing page.

Check it out!


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Design Systems London
@ 222 Regent Street

December 1, 2022, 18:00 BST

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One more thing..

If I could go back 6 months in time, there's a million things I would have done differently. With the benefit of hindsight, I would know which tutorial videos to immediately consume, which skills to prioritise honing & which design principles to be quasi-religious about (and which to break, constantly). I would also know which resources were actually worth the money (and at which point to buy them). I could probably cut my hypothetical learning curve in half and triple my early workflow. I'm currently aggregating some of this information together, in a neat way - for anyone who might benefit.

You can find it all here: twitter.com/hencubed